Saturday, September 04, 2010

I think I'm being used

There was a tragic accident in my area this past week that has left a 16 yr old girl in ICU in critical condition. It became apparent, by some Facebook updates posted by a former youth group student of mine, that she is close to the situation. I helped her create a status update w/ the correct information as she is begging for prayers for this young lady. We then chatted for a few minutes. Mind you, we have NOT always seen eye to eye on things, she is always one to push the envelope to the very edge of the table, but she spent time chatting tonight.

The 18 yr old young man driving is her best friend, the 16 yr old girl is his girlfriend, he made a dumb choice that has changed this girls life forever. He feels totally responsible, he won't leave the hospital, he leaves the waiting room long enough to go to the family shower and back. He won't talk to anyone and he knows he's facing jail time once this ordeal is worked through the investigation and DA's office.

My friend is distraught. She won't drive, freaks when she has to get in a car and is worse when the driver hits the brakes. I asked if any of them have met with Counselors and she said "no". What about a Pastor, same answer. I asked if I could join them one day to pray and she said "Yes, and maybe you can talk to him?". My reply was "yes". I talked quickly about knowing all too well how easy it is to look back and change what we would've done, when reality is, we can't. We have to accept the decision that we made, even though we may not like it, and we must move on and then accept the consequences. If I had only taken Mark to the ER when he was laid out on the floor complaining about his back and ribs bring out. If I had only taken Mark to the ER when he was sore and wiped out. If only; but I didn't. He went to the Chiropractor and felt better. He was overtired, run down, under a ton of stress; and I was there to support him in his mission. The mission he was called to complete.

So yes, I will go with her to the ICU waiting room and sit with whomever is there, laugh, cry, pray, be quiet, and talk to whomever wishes to talk. I have learned that my Gift is not in pulling quotes and scripture from the Bible, Lord knows I'm horrible at that; my Gift is in being real with people in their time of need and helping them walk through whatever they are experiencing. So Yes Lord, Use ME!
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