Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's true...

You learn who your "true family" is during the toughest times of your life.

I have known for years, and I've mentioned it here, that my family of origin is not one of unconditional love. They most definitely have not been here to help me these past 4 years as I worked through the sudden death of my husband and my subsequent "new normal" life.

So in the past few days, as my life goes through another major transition, of leaving my home of 13 years, the home we chose to raise our yet unborn son in, my family once again has failed miserable in being supportive. My mother says "Paring down is a good thing and more manageable" and a sister says "sucks that you spent all your money", my other sister said "you're not selling that furniture, it's mine, you were only storing it for me".

Meanwhile, my neighbors have been with me, crying, offering to help, I've had friends offer me their trucks to help, boxes they have, even offered a place to live if needed ...

I am at a loss, I know what I'm doing is right, although a roadblock has already appeared that I will hopefully be able to move out of the way on Monday. I'm formulating Plan B, Plan C and whatever others will be needed.

I'm also applying for jobs left and right at the local hospitals. I don't know that one would save my house, but it would help me get a place to live. I know that we won't be homeless, I know that in the worst case scenario, friends would provide a roof for us, but I want that to be Plan ZZZZ not Plan B or C. I can't imagine that would be the Lords plan for us either. I will continue to lean on Him, he's not guided me wrong yet.
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