Monday, April 05, 2010

Texting fail ....

I spent today in bed, sleeping, body aches, good old mother nature is playing games w/ my body. I texted my girlfriend that I was supposed to meet and this was my explanation to her:
Hey I'm in bed, I've got cramps and such, my period is in the 'let's start just enough to cause her pain and add 5 lbs of water weight' stage and I feel like shit.
Yes, I cursed. Deal with it please ...

Late this afternoon i texted my honey and asked him to make me a tuna sandwich w/ mayo and bring cranberry juice to drink (I love cranberry juice)... or so i thought.

I went up to eat and was handed a wonderful tuna sandwich on toasted bread. I took a bite of it and tasted the tuna, and then there was something else ... what's that? Cranberries?? In my tuna?? I questioned this combination, it was rather odd. I was directed to read the text I sent up:
Could u make me a grilled cheese sand or tune w/ mayo. And cranberry
Obviously it made perfect sense in my head. Not so much at the receiving end.

I'm heading back to bed. I obviously am really in trouble lol
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