Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm speechless...

2 weeks ago, while in the parent support group at The Dougy Center, I spoke of our financial difficulties due to my recent medical issues. I brought it up because it's affecting me in a big way, I had spent over $500 on my health issues and an additional $250 on replacing the alternator on my truck. All vital expenses for my family.

After group, S. walked up to me, dug into her pocket and handed me money. I was in shock and asked "are you sure", her response was "I've been there, I know what it's like, I have it now so take it, you need it". That $100 was like a million for me because it's what I needed to pay the power bill the next day.

Friday afternoon, my neighbor came over w/ a pot of homemade soup and corn muffins so that Tim didn't have to cook for us. I was incredibly sick and it was perfect. We appreciated it so much.

Tonight, because of my having shingles, I was unable to attend group at the Dougy Center. Tim took David and left with specific instructions to let the group know why I wasn't there and to tell S. THANK YOU again for me. As the groups ended, he walked in to get David and spoke to S, and noticed one of the fathers, A, in the group walk up to David and hand him an envelope for me. They just got home and handed it to me. I opened it to find $300 in it.  I am in tears. I will pay at least one bill off.

I've known these people for the better part of 2 years because we lost a partner, we share a story, we are part of a club that no married parent wants to join.

We all have our struggles, I did not say what I said hoping that they would "bail me out". I had no expectation of that at all.

I am simply overwhelmed by their generosity and only hope that I can come up with some way to thank them for what they have given David and I.

I am humbled.

They continue to give me Hope and Faith in the people that surround me.