Friday, January 15, 2010

First hand from my friend in Haiti

I hugged Nobert and his brother less than a month ago.

I was in Port au Prince that Tuesday January 12, 2010 driving to the North of the Capital to take my mother in law to the Hospital when that natural disaster happened. Praise the Lord I came safe. It is difficult to explain that to you, If you could see with your own eye that could be better. As I know that is difficult, I can Say to you Haiti is dead.
Most of the biggest and important buildings in the Capital are turned down to sand and dust. The National palace, palace of Justice , post office, Teleco, DGI and more and more are gone. We are back for 25 years. Thousands of people are killed and Billion are homeless.. 
January 12th, 2010 represent for Haiti what September 11 was for the Americans. I am wondering when tears will stop drying in the eye of the Haitian people. Until now we cannot say who is still living or not. In the news we hear a lot of VIP are killed like the minister of Justice, the minister communication, The representative of the UN, a lot of deputies and senators. 
At that night I was trying to save some people under the concrete of the broken houses the last on I save after taking under the broken concrete roof, two minutes later the house fall down. GOD is so GOOD.
Please keep praying for Haiti . Now we need more help than ever. There is no hospital in the Capital for the sickness people the take from Port to Les Cayes, Jeremie, St Marc . That is sad.
I have friend in Port au prince who lose their wife, children , husband. My sister has one month after married her house is broken down. Her Husband and her are safe . For Now they stay at Radio Lumiere for some days.
Keep praying for us.