Friday, October 16, 2009

Loose ends ...

That's what this week has been ... lots of loose ends that I have tied up ... so here goes:

  • Trevor is still missing. 
  • Cale is about to give birth ... she happens to be Trevor's older sister, can you IMAGINE the conflicted emotions their mom is dealing with this week?
  • I am officially a Consultant with Scentsy, Inc. now ~ the Company sells wickless candles that are simply fantastic! You can shop online here ... 
  • I met with David's teachers, Counselor and Principal yesterday morning to discuss "where he's been and where I want him to go" stuff ... new school, teachers that don't know that he chews his own fingernails down to nothing and that's a sign of high anxiety ~ you know, those kinds of details ... 
  • I rejoiced on Wednesday when our Social Security was deposited, it meant I could buy some Honey Nut Cheerios for David to eat for breakfast ... and replenish the milk, and eggs, and pay the electric bill etc ... yeah, those kinds of details
  • I thoroughly cleaned and organized the main floor of the house. NO small feat I might add. This place was bad, I admit it, I love the way it feels in here now. Do you want to buy an entertainment center? No .. Seriously, I need to sell it... yes, I do. 
  • Did I mention that my King and I went to see the Oregon Symphony Orchestra Saturday night? No? I didn't ?? Well I'll have to get that written this weekend ... and you'll get the King's review of it also .. yes you will.
So there it is ... a busy week, I'm tired, but feel very accomplished, oh ... and I think I'm allergic to Sulfates so I'm making some major changes here, I started w/ a new Sulfate Free Toothpaste today that costs thousands of dollars per tube (not really but it IS an expensive switch) and I'm amazed, my mouth doesn't have the tingly feeling I've grown used to ... hmmmm .... I think that's a good thing.