Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Success for the kiddo ...

He's started running Cross Country at the Middle School.

Today was his first day, he called me at 5 to let me know he was on the bus home ~ yup ~ I let him take his cell phone to school just in case there was a problem and he was responsible with it! He had a 1/2 mile walk home from where the Activity Bus drops off, so I will have to do pick up there when the weather changes, but it's worth it! I truly hope this is something that he can do well with, it's all about him and expending energy in a responsible manner. Score 1 for mom!

When he got home he wanted to go play with a friend but he had to do homework first, and although he grumbled, he actually did it! Score 2 for mom!

After finishing homework he brought me his first graded assignment, 25/25; it was a fun assignment, I think everyone probably got 25/25 on it, but HE was sooo proud of himself, we all looked at it and High-fived him and praised the hell out of him for it! Score a HUGE 1 for the Kiddo!!