Monday, August 24, 2009

Jacob Merlin ROCKS the house!

OMGOSH They were chosen!! I am sooooo happy for these guys!! WOOHOO!!! They are headed into the Trailblazer Studio soon to record the music and a video!

One of my dearest friends is an amazing musician. Last week his band auditioned to be the House Band for the NBA's own Portland Trailblazers!

Found this video online of the audition; mind you, they didn't get the music until less than a week before the audition and his dad writes ALL the parts for the horn section. Oh ~ did I mention his dad was on a CRUISE in EUROPE at the time? Yes, Rick faxed/emailed all the music to Jacob so the guys could practice! I can't imagine THAT bill!!

Trail Blazers band tryouts: Jacob Merlin Band

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