Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Friday!

We're still 12 days away from the start of school, my son is bored to tears (literally, he cried last night about being so bored).

Today we're going to finish his bedroom transformation that was started on ... oh ... April 28th! Yes I AM that procrastinator. Life has just been in the way, seriously, STOP LAUGHING at me! Better now? Good.

So on the topic of life getting in the way, we were supposed to head up to WA for a couple days, pick up the step-daughter, go to a 21st Birthday BBQ for my Kings' neice and then visit my sister in law and brother in law tomorrow. They recently relocated from CA to the same town that one of my Kings sisters lives in. However, if you recall, my King lost his job almost a month ago and the money just isn't in the budget.

(Here's where it gets good) Sooooo we contacted the Kings ex-wife and let her know of our change in plans (funny, we have no problems ~other than grumbles and laughs ~ when she changes plans but when we do it we screw up her entire life). She's bringing the step-daughter here Sunday afternoon and we will bring her home Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Well because she starts school on Wednesday. Now ... you are surely wondering, WHY is that a problem? Well I suppose it's not, but the reason ex-wife is gladly dropping her off here (because it doesn't happen, believe me) is that she's going to CA for a week. WHAT??? YOU ARE LEAVING YOUR DAUGHTER TO DO HER FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ALONE? Well not alone, her older sister will get her off to school...but Come ON! How many moms, especially one that calls almost daily crying when her daughter is on visitation here (even if it's only 2 days) telling her "baby" that she misses her so much, misses the first day of school for any child, especially a special needs child?

Ok, I had better stop, because the mean, nasty side of me is going to rear it's ugly head. I try so hard to be a good christian, but bottom line, I'm human and this woman really really tests all my beliefs in people. Breathe, breathe, breathe ....

My king is making yummy omelettes for us to eat ... off to enjoy.


  1. oh my...I cant think of anything else to say about her

  2. Yeah ... that's why I stopped!! lol

  3. Wow, that is just wong!


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