Monday, August 10, 2009

I am NOT ignoring you!

I have baked bacon in the oven, biscuits in that same oven, hard boiled 4 eggs (that my son completely demolished), made eggs for my King and I; wait, isn't the Queen supposed to have a loyal SERVANT cook for her? Pfffftttt Welcome to my world!

I have also sent the kid on a walk w/ the dog... and now he's cleaning up the yard from said dog.

The King and our Roomie have been shown what I want done in the yard and they are now removing bushes ~ with MY LAND ROVER AND A TOW ROPE! Honestly, I don't care how they get it done, I just want it done! We don't want the neighbors looking at our trash cans any longer, it's kinda rude....and white trash-y ... knowwhaddimean?

Oh and while they are doing that? I'm blanching Squash for the freezer and cleaning inside the house...

Just a great working day in the House of Chaos...and no, I still don't have a camera so no pics...oh wait, my phone!!!


  1. Oh dear, you need a vacation!

  2. I like organized chaos :) and yes you need a cook


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