Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Todays List

This is how my day started ...

This morning was crazy! Gee there's a surprise! Girl climbed in bed and kicked me, that woke me up, I rolled over and started to doze when Tim ran back in because he forgot his work phone, he gave me a kiss and then the dog started whining. Then the alarm clock in the kids room went off (uhhh they NEVER use it!) and since boy was at a friends house and girl was sleeping next to me I had to go turn it off. By that time the cat heard me and came in to let me know HE needed my attention by head butting me. Snooze was NOT helpful as the place was up and moving...ugh!!

Now ... on to my day:
  • make coffee ... done and consumed
  • drop off 4 kids @ VBS ... done
  • put dog outside ... done
  • Laundry (switched, started and more to go)
  • Watch Tour de France (complete)
  • Bake Bread (it's in the machine as we speak
  • bring dog in ... done
  • pick up 4 kids @ VBS ... done
  • have kids walk dog and clean up the dirt from the planters dog knocked over earlier today
  • Feed said kids ... done
  • empty dishwasher (done)
  • load dishwasher (running now)
  • Feed self ... done

Now ... I have to figure out how to make $250 last 2 1/2 weeks with 2 trips to WA, groceries needing to be purchased, 1 car to DEQ and Register and another that needs a Title Transfer ... not to mention the other bills .... can you say "Craigslist Sales!" ??? lol

I love my life!!! Really, I do!!

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