Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday = Chaos

  • Dog barking and whining to get out of his kennel
  • girl kicking about between us in bed
  • girl wakes up and lets dog out of kennel
  • dog pees, which is why he was whining
  • i take dog outside
  • girl is running around singing "YMCA" and "we shall overcome" as i try to watch the Tour de France...

it's sheer chaos around here, Happy Saturday.

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  1. My Saturday was sheer bliss. :) Slept in until after 8. Got up and watched a DVRd TV show then some food network shows. Made a late breakfast. Got dressed around noon. Had a late lunch. Talked to my goddaughter. Went to a BBQ. Only thing that could top it would be a trip out on the lake -- which I'm doing tomorrow.



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