Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We ask Why Lord?

Please note, this post DOES have some graphic information in it, read on knowing that.

The week started Sunday with the news that "B" was in labor and having April-Rose. It quickly deteriorated into the reality that is today, the whole thing was a hoax, a scam. It leaves us with many hurts, questions and in some cases anger. Who is that anger with? "B"? God? Ourselves for "falling" for the con?

People ask how it could happen? How could someone be so cruel? How could someone "take advantage" of well meaning people that would pray for a sick child that isn't even born yet?

It happens, and the thing is, it happens in everyday life day after day. It's all over the media.

2 weeks ago, my sons school was rocked when we heard that a mother had pushed her two children off a 75 foot bridge, killing the 4 yr. old son and seriously injuring the 7 yr old daughter.

This past weekend, a 21 yr old woman, in her final weeks of her pregnancy, went to pick up clothing from someone that listed them on Craigslist, only to be murdered and have the unborn child cut from her womb.

We hear of Parent Volunteers taking the Soccer Club money; the Aide to an Elderly person cleaning out the persons Jewelry or checking accounts.

So is what "B" really any different? Unfortunately, not so much. She wrote a great story, and we believed it. It's that simple.

What she really did though, was bring together a large community that prayed together for an unborn child. How many started to pray for the first time and continued to pray daily when they heard that story? How many will pray for the first time for the family of Amanda Stott-Smith and her surviving daughter Trinity and continue to pray for them over the years to come? How many will pray for the first time for the family of Heather Snively as they prepare to bury their daughter and grandson and then continue to pray for them?

Is this the lesson that we are to get from these horrific events? More than the people that got hurt, I truly feel that we need to be praying for those that perpetrate these horrific acts. Can you imagine being in that much pain that you need to create an elaborate web of lies? How much time did that take to put it together and keep story lines straight? How much pain must you be in to throw your children, who are kicking and screaming, off a bridge in the middle of the night? How much pain must you be feeling to .... do you get my point?

These people, however much "hatred" we might hold towards them, deserve our prayers as much as the innocent victims.

Even Jesus when on the Cross, asked his Father to Forgive those that were killing him. We owe the same to these people and we need to pray for them.

Father, I ask that you watch over all those mentioned above. Father we know that YOU will be the one that ultimately they will face. No amount of punishment on this earth can make these situations better, but we can ask that YOU come into their lives; I ask that their hearts and minds be softened just enough to open up and let you in.

Father, I ask that you provide comfort to those that are hurt by these peoples actions. It may be from near or afar, but people are hurting. Allow us to forgive, allow us to pray, allow us to grieve, allow us to be angry, most of all, allow us to continue to love and trust that you are the Hope we need in our life.

We ask these things in your name.



  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I am praying with you!
    Tis post hit it right on!
    We ned to be more like Jesus and pray for these people and not judge them. We live in world with hurting people. They must see Jesus in us, or where will they see it.
    I pray daily to be more like Jesus to love people like him. Thank you for this posting!!! Praying for B

  2. What makes you think it was a hoax?

  3. Hi! I live in Tualatin and found your blog through MckMamas! Small world! You drive by my house everyday, assuming it is you with the Jordan essentials sticker on your window :) Anyway, I agree that we need to pray for those who do these kind of things as well as the victims. Trinity is actually one of my daughters best friends. Our hearts ache for her and her family.

    Im glad I found your blog! I myself do not blog, but I am an avid lurker :) Let me know if you decide to hold a local get together, how fun!


  4. I think as people in the blog community, we often just automatically assume all blogs are real life, so to speak. I to went to this blog to read on a daily basis and to pray. Not only did I pray for "b" and "april" I prayed for others that were mentions.(So that is a positive) Also PASS probably received donations from her blog (another positive) How can anyone be so cruel to totally mislead people, I have NO idea, however there are a few good things that came out of it...

  5. Well said...........but still shocking. It was a little hard to explain to my 13 year old daughter who prayed for little April Rose on Sunday.....

    I did however explain to her...that that prayer alone...brought her closer with God...and she totally understood, but was still wondering "how someone could do that."

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Great-Granny Grandma ~ there was speculation quite awhile back, but when April-Rose was born, the picture posted was that of a reborn baby doll, at that point the house of cards began to crumble for "B"eccah and "D"an. You can Google April Rose Fake and April Rose Scam and you will find blogs with information on the subject.

    It has been reported that the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit and the Lockport, IL Police Dept are investigating as well as a variety of Media outlets are now investigating the situation.

    This is a woman who needs some serious mental health interventions and possibly medical interventions if she indeed is pregnant.

    All we can do is pray for all involved.

  7. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Katie ~ where do you live that I drive by your house daily? Must be by the school! What a small world.

    Feel free to email me through my blog.


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