Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the power of 140 characters ...

The life I live today is a total walk of faith. 3 years ago, everything that was "normal" was taken away, and I totally learned to give ...

everything to the Lord. Only HE controls my destiny, I just walk the best I can and hope that wht I do glorifies Him. Hard part is I'm human

and as a human, i make mistakes. My life was far from easy growing up, but i am a product of what i went through. i don't apologize for who

i am or what i was, i work hard to make myself a better person daily. i work hard to be the best mother i can be. the best friend i can be.

i work hard to be the best partner i can be. the best christian i can be. the best role model to the youth i still work with.

the lord has put trials in my way, the past few days has been one of my toughest lately, and i know that i will get through it.

and when i come out the other side, i will be stronger because of it. i will learn something from this, i will make an impact.

and i will still wake up in the morning and say Thank You Lord for giving me another day. For HE is who I must thank for what i have.
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