Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dream a little dream of him....

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A first...
I had a Mark dream last night.

I looked out on the back deck and David was throwing a ball over the railing laughing and yelling "Daddy throw it back". He and Mark were playing catch. When I walked over laughing, Mark turned and walked down the street.

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They are so real, aren't they? And such wonderful gifts. I can smell David, I can hear his voice and I can even feel his touch. At first the vividness of those dreams scared me, now I treasure them as if they were real! They come when I least expect them, but always bring me peace. I know that David is in heaven, always watching over me and he will never be replaced in my heart.

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Nooga Wax

I agree - wow!

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That's wonderful.

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How neat!

My husband occasionally has some with his mom in it. The only one he shared with me was kind of weird. He woke me up to tell that in his dream he asked his mom to ask Jesus about my grandmother (who was in reality at death's door from cancer) and his mom left his dream crying. He woke me up and told me about it because he just couldn't sleep and leave it alone. Moments later (at 5:30 in the morning) our phone rang and my mom said that my grandmother had passed away in her sleep at the hospital - grandpa called her as soon as the doctor left the room and my mom then called me.

01-07-2009, 12:25 PM #7

I had them right after my brother died. I was a waitress then, and he was sitting at a table that wasn't my station. I tried to hear what he was saying, but it was like he was only mouthing the words, and for some unknown reason, i couldn't just walk over there. after about 4 nights of this, it just stopped coming to me.

My DH had one where he was talking to his good friend in WA state, at our dinner table, and he said "Dave.. Why are you here? you're too sick to be here. You should go home to Darlene."
and then his friend dave said something he didn't understand, and my DH said "Dave? this is a dream isn't it? You're dead, aren't you?" and Dave dissapeared. Well, about 3 hours later we got woke up with the call he had passed in his sleep. It still rattles my DH to talk about it.

01-07-2009, 01:19 PM #8

that is great. My mom/grandma always say when you dream about a deceased loved one, that means they are thinking about you.

when my cousin died he came to me and my dream and he told me he would be wearing a blue tie. my dream was true. I am always dreaming about my grandparents/cousins etc. ( but I dream vividly every night.)

01-07-2009, 02:18 PM #9

Just thinking about it brought David to me last night. It was a gorgeous day, just as spring begins to give way to summer. I was lying on a giant pool lounge and I could smell the orange blossoms as the breeze touched my skin with warmth from the sun. I heard his soft laugh and so I rolled over on the lounge and there he was. His hair was starting to lighten as it always did in the spring and his olive complexion was starting to come to life from time spent in the sun. He cupped my hand in his and gently kissed it. My hand took on the smell of safeguard soap and we started to giggle. Nothing was said,but I felt his presence and woke up quite at peace and very happy. It takes a long time for these dreams to become so real and vivid. It took 3 years just to be able to hear his voice, but my therapst told me that if you don't consciously try to dream or don't make any concsious actions in the dream, in otherwords,don't try to work the dream, let it take you with it, the dreams become much more potent and real. This dream of yours is just the beginning, be open to them and don't try to analyze them. Accept them for what they are: dreams of comfort from your loved one.

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Tammy Jo

Hugs ladies

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