Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work in progress ... please excuse the mess ....

I am unhappy w/ the format of my blog at this moment, so it will be changing (I just need to find where in the code the sidebar width is and such so that I can change those numbers). I tried yesterday, but I was too tired, and I was causing things to go here and there ... and generally awry which made it difficult to read anything logically. Not that this is meant to be a logical place anyway, but I think you get my drift ... so please, bear with me, it will get better soon...


  1. Looks like we read alot of the same blogs! I will have to check out the Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out. one....

    One of my favorite Blogs is ....where laughter lives: The Riggs Family Blog

    I have been reading them forever, before their sweet Abby was dx with cancer.

    *Hugs to you*


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