Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday night ...

...and I haven't posted much ... it's been a crazy couple a days.

Confirmed that I have bursitis and tendinitis in my right shoulder causing all the pain down to my elbow. (warning there are pictures there that might freak some out ... OMGosh did I really write that? Some people :/)

I ate some healthy food today, although even I admit, weird combination of it. You don't really wanna know what I ate, do you?

Nah ...

You don't want to hear that I ate Hummus. Then I followed it with Halvah. Halvah has been a "staple" of sorts since childhood. Hummus is rather new to me and I LOVE it!

Tonight I've eaten steamer clams, a peppermint patty and drinking a Cranberry Juice w/ Malibu. Can you say HAPPY!?!!!
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