Monday, March 02, 2009

Diary of David

IF he were to have a Diary, this is what I think todays entry would be like:

Dear Diary

I'm not thrilled with the scent of that Adidas stuff Mom got me to go on my armpits, but I did it. 2 swipes ... she smelled them and said I smell nice and can get a different smell if I want after i use this for awhile. It's COOL though cause it's ADIDAS!

I went back to the bathroom after Mom said I had to comb my hair, YUK I hate doing it, but my friends don't make comments on my hair being all over the place, and the girls are nicer to me when I do. I used that ADIDAS Hair stuff that came with the armpit stuff, it foamed a bit but smells cool. When mom saw me, she laughed when I told her what I had done, I guess it's Hair and Body wash that I'm supposed to use when I take a BATH ~ now we have to wash my hair in the sink ... YUK!! Oh well, at least it smells good.
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