Sunday, August 27, 2006

feeling better

about my actions this weekend, was definitely something I needed, closeness is a good thing, especially when you're not used to not having it... I do pray that the Lord provides guidance for all parties.

As an aside...I am amazed at my family. I have 1 sister that I'm close to, she is struggling w/ alot of things right now and I wish I could snap my fingers and make it all better, she's my baby sis (even though she's almost 36) and I hate to see her struggle. She's stood by my side for years through all the turmoil, I'm now returning that sentiment. What amazes me is how cold and callous our other sister and mother are. They just don't "get it" on so many levels. Did you know that my mother visited me for about an hour 3 days after Marks Memorial service and I have NOT HEARD from her at all since?! It's been 9 weeks since my husband died, you'd think she'd call or send a note or email...word is she's afraid of how I'll respond...well geesh...try it and see! Who is the parent here? So I've once again let go of those relationships even more than they already were pushed away. No use spending time on them at all. They take up too much energy and I need all my energy for my day to day life right now.

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  1. What, no more blogging??? I got mine back up...but I moved it. It's now at Hope to see you reading soon! :)


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