Sunday, November 06, 2005

What an AWESOME Day!

David woke up in the BEST of moods! Yes, it was very, very early, but still....I love hearing him running around laughing and playing rather than being grumpy. He had Mark and I going I tell ya!

Well Sunday is far from a day of rest in our household. Mark has to be at Church early and isn't home until after 10:30pm (at the earliest). Today was an extra busy day for us because of some special happenings at Church.

Today we not only celebrated All Saints Day, we held only one combined Service and it was a HUGE event! We had 5~11th Graders who Confirmed their Baptism today. They have been studying for almost 2 years for this day, it was a GREAT day to celebrate their accomplishments. Additionally, the Congregation officially said CONGRATULATIONS to Mark, our Certified Youth Minister! It was so wonderful to see him recognized publicly for all his hard work. Our dear friend Nancy helped me out (yup...there were some white lies told this week), she picked up Marks certificate from the Office and had it professionally matted and framed for him. It is absolutely beautiful! (then she turned around and refused to let me repay her for it~some people!!)

We also had David singing to us with the children's Choir, then the High School Choir (GCS) sang and the Chancel Choir/Bell Choir/Brass Ensemble and Contemporary Worship Team sang. It was one HECK of an awesome day to recognize all of our talents and Celebrate in the Joy of Christ!

After Service, David and I headed back home. We stopped at the grocery store, picked up needed items and came home. We immediately changed our clothes and relaxed. I spent the afternoon preparing my food for the week. I'm starting back on the 6 week Body Makeover TONIGHT! I want to get another 15 lbs or so off and know that I can do it! With my new work schedule, I am planning on walking David to the bus stop in the morning, then continuing on (rain or shine) for about 45 min or so. That should off-set the limited activity I'll have while in the call-center.

Have a great night, David wants to get back on this computer and play SpongeBob :)


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