Saturday, November 05, 2005

Time goes by...

What a difference a month makes!

First off, thank the Lord for getting us through the past 5 weeks, it has certainly been interesting. Here is the basic rundown of events:

  • September 21 I get called in to Interview for an Customer Account Executive position at Comcast Cable in Beaverton.
  • September 25-26 I work the Polish Festival in Portland ( I had 1 week notice on this event!)
  • September 29th, I’m packing to fly to CA late in the afternoon for a Memorial for my Uncle who died unexpectedly in June.
    • The phone rings after I get back from taking David to school and it’s Comcast, it’s 8:30am, how soon can I be there for a 2nd Interview and Testing?
    • I was there by 10am, completed the Interview, completed the testing and by Noon I had a job offer in my hand!
    • I accepted the offer, signed the papers and went for my Drug test on the way home to continue packing.
  • September 29th 4pm, I arrive at the Airport and check in, arrive back home September 31st….this is the day that the huge rain storm hit and there were some massive accidents! It took Mark 4 hours to get from Lake Oswego to Tualatin to pick up David (Thank GOD for friends that got David for him) and to get to the Airport to get me (Normally a 1 hr trip at most). We stopped for dinner at 6:15pm and arrived back home at 8:30pm…what a MESS that was!
  • October 9th~Mark leaves for Trinity Lutheran College in Issaquah WA to attend the Wartburg Seminary Youth Ministry Certification program for 3 weeks.
  • October 10th~I started my new Job, David attended before and after school care (loving it) and life officially is CRAZY!
  • M/W/Sat we have Soccer
  • Tues/Thurs we have Cub Scouts…OMG I have no hair left!
  • David had 3 days off during this time….do you get the picture?
  • October 28th~Mark returns home and is now a Certified Youth Minister (I’m sooo stinkin’ proud of him)
  • October 28th~~Shifts are finalized and I’m working 2p-11p M/W/Th/F/Sat (my only hope of a day shift at this points rides on a dimwit co-worker who will hopefully not make it through next week)
Add to this, my middle sister is pregnant and is "having health problems", she spends days driving back and forth to the Doctor ALONE (mind you~it's a 1 hour drive each way) ~ one of the main problems she was having was dizziness and passing out~HELLO Brother in law~DRIVE YOUR WIFE TO THE DOCTOR!! The Doctors wouldn't let her drive home one day so he had to drive in and pick her up...GEESH!

So I was feeling bad that I have not talked to her in a few weeks with my schedule being so crazy so I pick up the phone and call her on Thursday to check in, just the nice sisterly thing to do. She's doing much better, having a boy and is experiencing normal pregnancy stuff. Nothing alarming. She has an Amnio next week and they don't expect any problems. It's a pretty nice and calm conversation....

Friday I get the following email from her: I am just wondering. Why after so many years of not really caring about me at all, not visiting when you have come to Hood River, not contacting me, really, not even wanting me in your life or David's life, you have this sudden interest in my well being now that I am pregnant?! Just wondering what is up...

OMG! I want to slap her....but I don't (cause I'm at work when I read this), so my reply is:


I am not sure what you are talking about...i'm your older sister and have been through a was not involved in my pregnancy at all (and I realize you were out of state during it) and I always told myself that I would do things different with my sisters and has nothing to do with the things you mention...


I also sent my reply and the original email to our youngest sister (who I AM close to). Her reply just cracked me up!

You bitch. Who the hell do you think you are? Calling your sister and leaving messages to see how she is. what kind of monster are you?

Is she for real? She has just plain lost it at this point. The circle is closing in – the paranoia has seriously begun to penetrate her relationships. It really is not too far from now that she will become as paranoid and suspicious as mom and dad – the enemy always lurking just behind the corner – and likely is someone you already know. It’s sad that a child is going to have to grow up the way we did being told they are hated and unwanted by aunts and cousins and so on…
and her latest reply:
Well Ris, I did not start this email in order to fight, but I do want to remind you that we were at your baby shower, at the hospital all the way through the birth of David, and visited after at home. Mom did take you shopping for what you needed and wanted for David. It was your choosing to have Marks family more involved in your life than mom,dad & I.

Don't use that as an excuse to suddenly be in my life and be the "good older sister" only when you feel like it. You really have NOT been there for me for years, have not called me when you have come to Hood River, etc. So, I was just wondering why the sudden change to want to be a part of my life, when you have never really wanted me there before.
So...Mark says to let it drop, because they really don't want to hear the truth, that we don't want to be around them due to the drinking they both do and the drugs her husband does. Their attitude (and quick mood swings) don't help either.

So...that's the continuing saga of my life...I'm done with one glass of wine, thinking about a second one right now...

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  1. wow, this is very interesting...I was reading this like I was watching a tv drama. Life never fails to provide something interesting, just when you think that all is well.


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